Agera Rx for medical personnel

A cosmeceutical series developed in the U.S.A. with a well-earned reputation as the most effective inte world when it comes to controlling and slowing down the ageing processes of the body. Agera Rx contains active substances such as antioxidants, retinols and peptides.

The chemical peel is a so called “slow peel” which provides a lasting result in combination with a short recovery time.  gThe active and hydrophilid acids are contained in bioemulsion particles that thrive water, which make them penetrate deep in into the dermis before that are activated.

It is this deliery system that makes the products and peels stimulate growth instead of ending up on the surface with teh dead skin cells. Therefore the skin becomes stronger and thicker, with a younger look as a result.

Agera Rx also offers advanced solutions and products for pigmentation andacne.

Agera Rx has a high concentrations of the active substances and is therefore offered to clinics with medically trained personnel.

Agera Rx:

• Eye Makeup Cleanser
• Ultra Mild Cleanser
• Deep Cleansing Salicylic Wash
• Microderma Rx System
• Oil Free Moisturiser
• Ultra Moisture Complex
• Recovery Complex
• MagC® Peptide Serum
• Microemulsion Antioxidant Serum
• IGF Dermal Matrix MicroGel
• Ultimate Retinol Rejuvenator-35
• Ultimate Retinol Rejuvinator-60
• Nano Eye Lift
• Phyto Lightening Cream
• Daily Moisturising Protector, solskyddsfaktor 25
• Oxy Infusion Cream
• Antibacterial Peptide Cream
• Pro Microderm Prep
• Pro Peel Prep
• Pro C Peel System
• Pro SLC Peel-24
• Pro SLC Peel-40
• Pro SLC Peel-50.


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