The new, minimally invasive liposuction and remodeling technique

BodyTite™ Technology is the most powerful and flexible technique for termal treatment with RF electrical energy available on the market. The platform can be used together with a number of different applicators which provide an option of different treatments –  surgical and non-surgical.

A control system monitors the temperature and resistance. It will switch the system off if too high values are reached, thereby avoiding negative effects.

BodyTite™ RFAL (Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction)

This application is used in combination with traditional liposuction. A FR electrical current flows between a combined electrode and the suction cannula in the subcutaneous layer and an external electrode which glides on the dermis. The heat generated will cause lipolysis  which makes it very easy to aspirate the fat.

The termal treatment will also cause contraction of the deep fibrotic tissue while stimulating an increase of the collagen production. The result is a stronger and tighter skin. See how it works: BodyTite on YouTube.

BodyTite™ RFAL can be used on all parts of the body which can be treated by traditional liposuction, eg.: abdomen, flanks, back, hips, and thighs.  It is also successfully used to treat male breasts  and for breast-lifts (BreastTite™).

This application emits less energy and uses a thinner, shorter electrode/suction cannula to treat neck- and jawline. It is successfully used to treat also other sensitive structures.

The method is minimally invasive and achieves a small face lift by using only heat and no suction cannula.  Either continuous or pulsed energy can be used, and the electrode has an isolating tip that protects sensitive structures fro the heat. The applicator can be used on all areas of the face, including chin, neck and front.

With this application a handle with an exchangeable tip consisting f 20 or 60 elecrode pins in a matrix. The energy level can be regulated from mild up to a level that corresponds to the most powerful CO2 laser.

Fractora™ is also successfully used in combination with FaceTite™, providing treatment borth from the inside and from the outside and from the inside. These treatments can be delegated to a nurse or to a skin therapist, depending on the energy level required. They can be performed as a series of treatments or in one session, also depending on the energy level. This is how it works: Fractora on YouTube.

the most recent applications:

This is the first true treatment for deep cellulites, class 3. It is given superficially and with a low energy level. With a V-shaped dissector on the instrument tip the superficial, fibrous septa that pull the skin in is cut at the same time as the heat melts the fat in the cellulite depots. the dips are removed, the bulges are flattened and the skin pulls taught to give a smoother finish.

A non-invasive treatment which uses RF electrical energy in combination with high voltage pulses tp destroy the superficial fat cells. They can then be resorbed by the body. this is how it works:  TiteFx on Youtube.

Fractora Firm and Fractora Plus
Two configurations for non-invasive heating under the skin to stimulate the collagen. The FR energy flows between the electrodes and generate heat which is exactly controlled to reach optimal temperature quickly and evenly in the area. This is how it works: Fractora Firm on YouTube.


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