Keller FunnelTM2 – the easier way to place implants

217717-1754984-748530Whether you use a texured, round, anatomical implant or a Body Contouring implant from any manufacturer, Keller FunnelTM2 is an indispensable tool to facilitate the placement of theimplant:

– Smaller incisions
– Reduced force on the implant shell and consequently less risk of rupture
– Reduced force needed to compress the implant and this less tiring for the surgeon’s hands and fingers
– Faster placement means shorter procedure time
No-touch placement of the implant – reduced risk of contamination

Keller Funnel 2 facilitates the introduction an placement and shortens the time for the procedure considerably

Clinical experience

In a third-party survey surgeons have been asked about their experience using the Funnel. Participants include surgeons who have used the Funnel for less than a year to surgeons who have consistently used the Funnel for more than 3 years. Below are a few results highlights from all three surveys:

97% reported they find it easier to deliver silicone gel implants using the Keller Funnel™.

98% reported that they will have or have already recommended the Funnel to a peer.

85% of the total physician respondents reported on average that the Funnel reduces their procedure time by 5 minutes or more; whereas 54% of doctors who frequently use the Funnel report saving between 10-20+ minutes per procedure.

53% of surgeons report using it on all of their silicone breast augmentation procedures.

53% of respondents use the Keller Funnel™ in their reconstruction procedures, with 20% using it in all of their reconstruction procedures

See how it is done – video collections

Click here to view some videos which show the simple way to introduce differen types of implants using the Kellerr Funnel 2.

Click here to watch more Keller Funnel videos on YouTube.

Read more abbout Keller funnelTM2 on the Keller Funnel homepage

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